Bent u een professioneel uitvaartverzorger en wenst u de illum urn in uw gamma op te nemen?


Are you a professional undertaker?
With regard to quantity discount, you can contact us directly by e-mail or by phone and ask for the special illum conditions.

You can reach us via phone number +32 (0)9 277 01 00 or by e-mail to

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Ashes travel the world
Although we all agree that we 'd better not do this collectively, we can only be massively charmed by so much inventiveness Norman MacDonald stumbled upon when he found Gary Dupuis' ashes. ​Plans are underway to fulfil the wishes of the late Gary Robert Dupuis after the mystery man's ashes washed up on...
When interment becomes a comforting, velvet gesture …
when silence suddenly stops whispering and many beautiful things remain unsaid … then there rests boundless beauty in one comforting, velvet geste      
right down the line (Gerry Rafferty)
We cannot say it any more beautifully than Aristotle already did: "True love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies."   The friendship between two souls proceeds in a clear line. Spoken and unspoken. Therefore, we recognize soulmates immediately. Although death – as the ultimate rite of passage –radically...